MacGillivary Law Offices — A Collobration

This exterior project was a collaboration between Bugden Signs, MacGillivary Law Offices and the City of St. John’s. Projects like these force us to flex our creative and technical muscles to meet the requirements of all parties involved.

Our client opened a new office within the Historic District of downtown St. John’s. They wanted a sign similar to their other out of province offices; modern and professional.

I have nothing but good things to say about your company as it has been a pleasure to deal with the courteous and friendly staff at Bugden Signs, who sometimes go above and beyond in order to meet our needs.

Jason Dober (Production Services Network)

Their original idea was to encompass the entire area between the first and second floors with a distressed metal sign. As a result, several design concepts were illustrated given the space available.

However, MacGillivary Law Offices is located inside the Historic District. Here, the City of St. John’s has by-laws in place to protect the architectural features of the old building. These include the plaster moulding between the floors. Therefore, we had to redesign the sign to fit between the first-floor windows and the moulding. Considering the new space restrictions, the client agreed to remove the distressed background and apply the letters to the wall.

Constant Collaboration

Upon install, we all believed the dark letters on the dark background didn’t stand out as anticipated. We suggested painting the area the lighter shade of grey of the moulding. Additionally, we also suggested a border of distressed copper. This brought back elements of the original design that were lost during the redesign.

Ultimately, with a little collaboration, we were able to produce a sign that met with the City’s requirements and inline with MacGillivary Law Offices’ branding.

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