Plastic Sign Holders; Durable and cost-effective.

Plastic sign holders are versatile marketing tools that offer numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes. These portable and lightweight signs provide a cost-effective solution for promoting products, services, and events. Their durability ensures long-term use, even in outdoor settings where they may be exposed to the elements.


High-grade plastic sign holders do not rust, discolor, or splinter. These holders readily accept signs crafted from durable corrugated plastic, providing waterproof, UV protection, and high durability. Moreover, users can effortlessly change them out in seconds, maintaining cost-effectiveness. Thus, they suit businesses seeking frequent signage changes perfectly. Sign holders serve well for both interior and exterior applications, with the option to fill the frame with water or sand for enhanced stability in outdoor settings.


One of the key advantages of plastic sign holders is their versatility. They can be easily customized with interchangeable inserts, allowing businesses to update their messaging frequently. Whether advertising daily specials at a restaurant, promoting sales at a retail store, or directing foot traffic at an event, these boards offer flexibility in conveying messages to customers.

Plastic Sign Holders

Additionally, plastic sign holders are highly visible, capturing the attention of passersby and increasing foot traffic to businesses. Their double-sided design maximizes exposure, ensuring that messages are seen from multiple directions. This increased visibility can lead to greater brand awareness and ultimately, higher sales.


Another benefit of plastic sign holders is their ease of use and portability. These signs can be quickly set up and taken down, making them ideal for temporary promotions or events. Their lightweight construction allows for effortless transportation, enabling businesses to deploy them wherever they are needed most.

Furthermore, plastic sign holders are a cost-effective advertising solution compared to other marketing methods. They require minimal investment upfront and can generate significant returns in terms of increased foot traffic and sales. Their longevity also ensures that businesses can continue to reap the benefits of their investment over time.


The staff at Bugden Signs, went above and beyond the call of duty to help produce signs for my trade show and far exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend them to a friend or to anyone!
Bob Shaw


    • Real Estate Signs
    • Coffee Shops
    • Flea Markets
  • Side Walk Sales
  • Exhibits
  • Trade Shows

Sign holders are available in a large selection of shapes and styles in a wide range of colours. As well, they come in sizes from 18″ x 24″ up to 28 ” x 44″. Can’t find just the right size for your needs? Let Bugden Signs build your custom sign holder to suit any size.

In summary, plastic sign holders offer a range of benefits for businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts. From their versatility and visibility to their ease of use and cost-effectiveness, these signs are valuable assets for attracting customers and driving sales. Whether used indoors or outdoors, plastic sign holders are an effective tool for businesses to communicate their messages to a broader audience

Frequently asked questions 

Q: Can I replace the inserts without buying a new stand?
A: Absolutely! We’d love to help you update your message or brand without the extra expense of a new stand.  

Q: Can I get a new stand and use existing inserts?
A: Of course. Sign holders come in standard sizes so they can easily to swapped.  

Q: What magical material are the inserts made of?
A: The inserts are made of corrugated plastic. Also, they will not rust and have a UV protective film on the printed materials. 

Q: Can I replace the inserts myself?
A: Definitely. The sign holders have tabs that allow the plastic insert to easily slide in and out. However, for extra durability in Newfoundland’s weather, we recommend a few screws



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