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sign service and installation

Sign Service and Installation

Bugden Signs is Newfoundland’s leading authority on sign service and installation. Additionally, we manufacture, install and service all of our own signs. As well, we install and provide sign service for some of the largest international sign manufacturers in the world. Moreover, we service many locally owned and operated businesses. Further, Bugden Signs will also service and repair any signs we haven’t manufactured.

We Manufacture

We pride ourselves on our state of the art manufacturing facility. Whether you want CNC routered letters, shaped illuminated signs, awning and canopies, we manufacture them all. We only use materials and manufacturing techniques that will stand the test of time. And more importantly, our winters!

Parking Lot Retrofit

LED retrofit

LED technology has come a long way in the past few years. Their brightness value has increased while the price has decreased.

Traditional street lights are very inefficient as well as costly to maintain. LED retrofits are the answer that you have been looking for! These retrofits are designed to replace the existing, inefficient bulb with a high output LED. Therefore you save the expensive cost of replacing the housing and pole. We can even complete the retrofit without taking the housing down. Thus even more savings and less downtime.

Pros of LED Lighting

  • Energy Efficiency. 80-90% energy efficiency when compared to a traditional incandescent light bulb.
  • Lamp life. LED lamps can last for as long as 100,000 hours. An incandescent light bulb will last between 750 to 2,000 hours.
  • Eco-Friendly. About 95% of all LED lamps are able to be recycled.

Architectural LED Lighting

architectural lighting

Carefully considered architectural lighting can illuminate and highlight specific architectural designs. Bugden Signs has a lighting solution for every need including architectural design and safety factors. Highly efficient, low maintenance LED lighting fixtures can bring a modern pop to any building.

Architectural lighting highlights your building’s features and provides the ideal level and type of light for users. Thus making the building more attractive, while enhancing security in the surrounding public space. Dynamic outdoor lighting can be used to vary the intensity and colour of the building’s illumination, creating a true light signature at night.

Bugden Signs offers excellent customer service with quick response to requests for estimates and consistent on-time delivery.

Lisa Carey (Husky Energy)

The advent of LED technology has led to eco-friendly lights that offer a long life for good value. Bugden Signs provides lighting solutions that blend in with buildings and their backdrop. Further, we can work with architects to design and integrate lighting right from the building design stage or add lighting to existing buildings.


Having trouble navigating the vast sea of sign options? Confused about municipal codes and laws? Not sure how to get the best bang for your buck with your signs? Bugden Signs sales team has decades worth of experience consulting on these matters. Speak to one of our sales team about your sign service and installation needs today.